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Digitization of business, workforce, and financial records to a central repository is imperative these days to meet compliance requirements

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What is Digitization?

Digitization is the process of indexing of documents and records along with storage in electronic media like DVD / USB / Server. The scanned image of the documents enables easy retrieval through specially designed software. This process enables quick retrieval using pre-designed search parameters resulting in reduced access time, efficient communications, and faster decisions.

Why is Digitization required?

>   All kind of business records are available on clicks of a few buttons, hence save time

>   Cost of digital record maintenance is lower than managing physical records

>   Get rid of the physical storage of paper: Be more sustainable, get more space & save money on                expensive archiving space

>   Cross departments can work collaboratively enhancing process optimization

>   Records are secured with access rights to the users

>   Physical records are likely to get damaged or more prone to damage. Digital records are long                    lasting

>   Retain or delete a record or documents easily

Key Elements of Digitization

Document Scanning and Digitization

Zero occupancies of physical space and a quicker retrieval system. It’s a systematic process of documentation of physical documents in a secure manner. Streamline business processes by improving efficiency. Processing time enhancement by reducing retrieval time.

Document Management Solutions

By Document Management Solutions, the required document can be searched with given keywords. A proper track can be maintained like a particular document that has been uploaded or downloaded or edited.

Record Management System

Handover the Record Management System to Prufens and be rest assured for the safety of your physical documents. Indexing & Barcoding of the documents and storing them for you. Whenever for any legal procedure or Audit purpose, we retrieve the physical document and handover to the proper Authority only. By this mishandling of documents is minimized and the durability of the documents is maintained.

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Digitization Work Flow Mind Map

Process Approach for Scanning and Digitization

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