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In our polished world, everything is expected to be just flawless but in reality, it’s not the case. Employee Background Verification is the solution that helps organizations to decide the right resource onboarding. Prufens employee screening solutions are quick and reliable

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Address Verification: Employee Background Verification

Address verification is an important subset of employee background verification. We understand the importance of an employee’s valid address for an employer. For any organization, the correct residence of its employees is fundamental, to contact the employees in cases of any emergencies.

 As part of address verification, Prufens shall verify the address and can also gather additional details about the candidate or the verifier on the location, in case of need. Our field staff/partner visits the address submitted by the candidates to his employer. During the address visit, our team visits the rental or permanent house, verifies the location, GPS Coordinates are collected and the signature of the verifier is captured, if required, and shared with the employer. During the visit, the following credentials are verified:

 House  Street
 Lane  Pin code
 City / Town  State

Residential address verification helps an organization tremendously. It is a vital indicator to reduce the odds of errors, fraudulent activities, and misinformation. Negative records help to establish credit reports. Different types of address verification:

Current Address Verification:  We enable current or residential address verification by physically visiting the site.

Permanent Address Verification: Permanent residence is usually self-owned property or owned by parents, in-laws, spouse. It could also be the address where parents/grandparents reside currently and have resided for at least the last 8-10 years. Verification criteria of current address verifications are followed in permanent address verification also.

Previous Address Verification: All addresses where the candidate has resided before taking current employment including current & permanent addresses are verified on the employer’s request.

    Employment Background Verification

    The potential of a candidate might be insufficient to compromise the risk factors the hire would bring into the work environment. The hire an employer hires must be enduring a genuine uphold about the past work experience. Failing in which would drain off the effort and cost invested in recruits.

    A candidate might have been indulged in some fraudulent activities or provided incorrect information about themselves at the time of enlisting. Through which an organisation gets induced with pseudo information due to the inadequacies of legitimate data and the candidate becomes a possible threat to the organisation. In order to avoid such circumstances, employment background verification becomes essential. We perform the following types of employment background verifications:

    Current Employment Check – It is a case in which the present experience of a candidate where he/she is employed at present is verified. Verified information is mostly obtained either from the human resource department or immediate supervisor.

    Previous Employment – It is a case in which the previous employment of a candidate is verified. Verification depends on the need of the employer if the background verification is to be done for all the experience since the start or selective ones.

    By such an exhibit of checking and verifying a candidate’s employment background, the transparency of an applicant being the right choice or not gets forecasted. An employer is rendered with the confidence to employ a candidate with legit skills and experience thus making pragmatic, informed decisions.

    The verification process of the employment background of a candidate is done through authenticating the existence of the company where the candidate affirms to have worked. A proper validation of

     Tenure of employment  Actual cost to company
     Designation held  Any Dues Pending / Issues with previous employment

    with the HR of the employer organization or the candidate’s immediate supervisor is done.

    Most common embellishments are fudging of tenure of employment, lying about a job title, job role, and incorrect remuneration information is procured. We help uncover gaps in the information supplemented to the employer.

    Medical & Drug Test: Employee Background Verification

    In our polished world, everything is expected to be just flawless but in reality, it’s not the case. For us being sure about the truth, many checks are suggested and one of the most important is drug tests. It provides the basic details about the candidate’s habits and health details with minute information about him/her.

    The habits of an individual define a lot and hence the drug test. For the development of a secure and healthy surroundings in an organization drug test of a candidate (to be hired) plays an important role. A drug test brings to light a lot of information such as a candidate’s persistent or occasional drug and alcohol problems. It safeguards individuals’ interests, fosters organization development, gives a better perspective about the person.

    The ones who are into drug abuse drug users are prone to accidents, it impacts the health and safety of other employees, theft, and absenteeism and is a big threat to sensitive data and precious material damage.

    We collaborate with reputed testing laboratories for the drug test. We coordinate with employers to design, create effective and flexible employee drug testing programs. Employees’ right to privacy is taken care of. We provide a comprehensive solution and full service offering for drug testing and alcohol testing to ensure a safer and more productive workplace.

    Drug test designed can detect the following substances:

    >   4 – panel Drug Test
    >   6 – panel Drug Test
    >   8 – panel Drug Test
    >   10 – panel Drug Test

    And with these range comes several tests according to our customer requirements:
    Amphetamines: Amphetamine is a drug that stimulates your central nervous system is detected using urine.
    Barbiturates: is used for treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and seizure disorders and are inject or taken orally.
    Benzodiazepines: A saliva or oral fluids test can detect benzodiazepines & is taken for its sedating effects.
    Cannabis (marijuana): Can be detected in blood, urine, saliva and hair test
    Cocaine: is highly addictive & effects health. Is detected in blood, urine, and saliva
    Opiates: Opiates include morphine and drugs structurally similar to morphine
    PCP (Phencyclidine): can be detected with a hair follicle drug test for up to 90 days
    Methadone: used clinically to relieve pain, to treat opioid abstinence syndrome, and to treat heroin addiction
    Methaqualone: can be detected for up to 14 days by using the urine test
    Propoxyphene: can be detected for up to 2 days after initially taken using the urine test
    Fentanyl: detected using urine test between 24-72 hours. Hair tests up to 3 months and blood test within 5 to 48 hours
    Meperidine: detected using the urine test
    Nalbuphine:  detected using a urine test. It effects by causing euphoria, floating, hostility, unusual dreams, etc
    Oxycodone / Oxymorphone: relieves from the feeling of pain relief to relaxation, pleasure & contentment detected in urine & saliva
    Pentazocine: shows up in urine test

    For confirmation of the highest level of precision, the results are assessed by our reputed Medical Reviewers. They are highly protected with our cut – edge technologies.

    Criminal Record Check for Employee Background Verification

    Criminal Record Check is a fundamental process for analyzing a person’s loyalty. Herein, a candidate’s criminal reports are collected at various levels such as a city, state, country with other minor details like home address, property details, and neighborhood report. Any information proving a candidate responsible for fraud or any traces of anti-national activities such as terrorism makes the candidate a threat to the organization and also helps an employer to make the righteous decision of not getting in such candidates into the organization.

    Criminal record check enlists a person’s trustworthiness, safe environments for an organization, confirms the candidate’s credibility, decreases the vulnerability of an organisation against any kind of threat. Criminal record check suffices the legal requisite to safeguard undue risk to any venture or enterprise.

    Studies confirm that checks done on a potential employee brings significant authenticity to the reality of a candidate and highlights what he/she has lied about. This verification is conducted in such a way to further differentiate between employees and pick the ones who are potentials with no advent risks.

    Verifications involve a comprehensive name matching search, from a collection of global and Indian databases that include financial, regulatory, criminal and compliance databases. Some of the databases include most-wanted criminals, local police lists, Central Vigilance Commission, Central Bureau of Investigation, Indian courts where we search for politically exposed persons, terrorists, and other individuals who have committed fraud or crime across the world including India.

    Establishing safety in your workplace or community is a must. A single element of discrepancy can impact your workplace safety, motivation, and brand reputation. Irrespective of the level of the hire, a criminal background check is mandatory which enables

    >   Identification of potentially risky hires
    >   Safeguarding your organization’s reputation
    >   Protection of organizational assets
    >   Fostering trust among current employees

    We verify the candidate’s criminal records, driving records, and verify whether he is on a terror watch list or sex offender registry. In India, we don’t have a central repository to check criminal records. We go to the candidate’s local police station & request them to do a background check on the person you are hiring.

    We overcome the following challenges:

    >   Criminal verification is more difficult in India due to lack of a central registry or a computerized database
    >   A person may be residing in one or more places earlier to get a complete criminal background check done, all the state, district and local police station records need to be reviewed.

    Identification Check for Employee Background Verification

    Identification is the action or process of identifying someone or something or the fact of being identified. To process any critical information about any individual, their official account or proof of identification is a must. Establishing integrity within the organization has become a key factor for growth and is taken care of by most of the leading corporates as of now.

    Verification of any discrepancies in the identification documents of a candidate gives a detailed eye about the candidate being trustworthy or not for the later run. This is one such check that might seem to be very simple at its base but is undoubtedly the most critical one. It helps an employer get assurance if the hire would mislead the organization in the future or not.

    To confirm one’s credibility on the basis of their identification proof we verify the legitimacy of the details they provide the employer. The details of the candidate are documented and sent to a employee background verification service, a series of automatic processes take place thereafter:

    Classifying: The document type may be recognized automatically. If not, the type must be indicated to the service before verification can start.

    Extracting: Information on the document and its bearer is extracted from the source.

    Verifying: Detailed checks are performed on the document’s security elements.

    Responding: A detailed analytical report is a yield to the client of the verification done.

    Our identity check ensures that the identity of your potentials is not forged or digitally tampered with. We check

     Pan Card  Voter Id
     Passport  Driving license

    to authenticate and validate identities.

    Academic Record Check for Employee Background Verification

    How reliable is the candidate in terms of work he/she will confer depends on the skills and knowledge that the individual has? Forging qualification and educational history are some attempts candidates are prompt to fabricate so that they get through the vacancy. Hiring the best resource is crucial for any organization. And with the best resource, we mean the one who meets the criteria thoroughly.

    Educational qualification is one of the most essential criteria for any candidate to be eligible for a position in a company. To meet the criteria and be recruited, candidates may tend to forge the documents of their qualifications. Such exhibits by candidates can hamper the organization with less efficient work by the particular candidate due to a lack of knowledge. To avoid circumstances as such, educational checks are important that guarantees the authenticity of the candidate’s qualification.

    Academic record check consists of verification of the dates of attendance and whether the degree was obtained by the particular candidate. Most of the degrees are verified by the admissions and records office of the school or institution. The verification process validates.

    >   Name of college & university
    >   Year of Enrollment& Passing
    >   Registration number / Roll number
    >   Issuing date of certificates
    >   Recognized under which authorized board/university
    >   Subjects/Course Pursued
    >   Marks/Percentage Obtained

    Professional Reference Check: Employee Background Verification

    In order to get additional insights about a candidate, a professional reference check is a mandate. It enlists more insightful information about a candidate. The clarity to the individual’s profile is brought to the employer through a professional reference check. With the market burning hot due to competition for opportunities intensifying, a minute misrepresentation of facts can potentially cost an employer a bad hire for the opportunity.

    The biggest mistake an employer can commit on behalf of the organisation is that he/she takes the candidate’s word into account. A job seeker might be plotting thousands of stories and exaggerating the work skills he/she might never happen to have.

    To authenticate the work history of the candidate, we contact the colleagues and their immediate supervisors to get a thorough comprehension of the candidate. The verification gives us a measure to gauge:

    >   Professional competence
    >   Performance
    >   Conduct

    within an individual. The professional references are those specific people who are enlisted by the candidate themselves for attesting their quality in terms of performance, competence, and conduct. A brief testimony of the candidates the outcome of this check.

    Pre-marriage Check: Employee Background Verification

    To appoint a person, various employee background checks are done just to ensure a person’s trustworthiness then why not at the times of setting up with someone.

    In this era, trustability is a factor that is most disputable. Taking into account, arranged marriages where the compatibility between the two(would be married) has a higher risk of facing vulnerability. The nearby solution to reduce the probability of such conditions is to know about the individuals, which therefore brings pre-marriage checks into the big picture.

    Many fraudulent cases are registered in the past few years where the subject is not well informed about the family background previously before the marriage and false information were taken into account. To avoid future mishappenings it is suggested to prefer pre-marriage checks.

    Pre-marriage checks consist of :

    >   Family background
    >   Criminal record
    >   Address
    >   Employment Status
    >   Social Impression

    Database Check for Employee Background Verification

    Database Check is an essential process that an organization must follow. It is better to know a person’s background with respect to various databases. Basically, a database check is a thorough process of verification from various databases. This may lead to great knowledge about a candidate’s past which will confirm his / her acceptability in an organization.

    There are different types of databases checks provided by us:

    Credit Database: It provides an insight into the credit details of a person. It gives historical data and loan accounting information about the candidate. By this, any fraud by the party can be analyzed.

    Compliance Database: It discloses the ignorance or defying of any rules or regulations by the person.

    Criminal Database: This consists if checking a person’s criminal background. It is checked at several levels like a city, state, national.

    Blacklisted Database: to confirm the candidate’s liability this employee background verification is done. It ensures that the person is not blacklisted from any of the institutions or companies.

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