People Advisory

We assist in aligning human resources to understand their contribution towards achieving the purpose of the organization and help the strategic deployment of talent to execute business strategy.

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HR Ecosystem Outsourcing

India is racing to become the largest incubation country for start-ups in the world. We help start-ups to focus on solving the real problems instead of struggling to manage their day to day workforce problems. Our HEO service helps start-ups to outsource their end to end human recourses activities from onboarding to exit and let the founders focus on their main objective.

Workforce Policy Design & Implementation

We help organizations build all kind of policies and implementation. Following are the types of policies organizations must look in to creating it

> Employment Service Agreement Terms and Condition
> Confidentiality & Non-Solicitation Agreement
> SOP Hire to Retire
> Background Verification Policy
> Code of Ethic Policy and Conduct
> Employee Engagement Framework and Policy
> Compensation Payment and Total Rewards Policy
> Global Supplier Management Policy
> Talent Identification and Progression Policy
> Independent Contractor Hiring Policy
> Performance Improvement Policy
> Audit & Compliance Policy
> Anti- Money Laundering Policy
> Disciplinary Action Policy
> Representations & Warranties
> Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
> Business Gift and Entertainment Policy
> Business Travel & Insurance Policy
> Communication Policy
> Domestic Travel Policy
> Deputation Policy
> Global Business Policy
> Telecommuting / Work from Home Policy
> Transport Policy
> Holiday Policy India / Geo
> IT and Software protection Policy
> Leave Policy
> Medical Insurance Policy
> Payment of Gratuity
> Superannuation Scheme
> Policy on Medical Check-up
> Retirement Policy

HR Transformation

Our people advisory team looks deep into People & HR strategies to improve organizational performance. We help in Organizational Design and Governance, setting up Service Delivery Models, assist in enabling technology, data and Automation.

Change Management & Workplace Transformation

Prufens Advisory help organizations by assessing the organization’s existing work environment and diagnosing underlying issues that are being roadblock to the organization from realizing its objectives.

The pace of change in technology, economic conditions, and evolving people behaviors has created an opportunity for organizations to rethink their workplace strategies. Our Advisors examine and evaluate processes for executing work, behavioral norms, existing policies, and collaboration styles.
For organizations to be productive, competitive, and sustain success, they must align all the resources and technology in a way that exhibit the organization’s culture and strategy.

Reward & Recognition

Now a days millennial workforce is not only want great pay and benefits but also want to be treated fairly at the work place. They look forward to extend substantial contributions to the organizations through their work, and to be valued and appreciated for their efforts. Prufens Advisory helps in designing and implementing reward and recognition programs created to appreciate and acknowledge employees contribution for their achievements in the organisation.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a way of approaching problems differently. We help HR leads to put themselves in the shoes of their employees and look into the real issues and help employees with the best experience they can have from your organisation.It’s all about thinking outside the box and solve the problems of employees, instead repeating and giving the same old answers of similar problems came-up in the past. Prufens Advisory extend help in designing and delivery Design thinking workshops for HR team to improve the employee experience.

Also, check out professional employee background verification services by Prufens.


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